The certificate of concordance is a certificate that is normally issued by the National Police, although it can also be issued by some Immigration Offices, which certifies that the NIE number of the foreigner who has obtained Spanish nationality corresponds to the number and ownership of the DNI (National Identity Document) that has been granted when granting nationality.

In this sense, to give an example, if a foreigner has acquired a property with his NIE number and subsequently acquires Spanish nationality, the certificate of concordance will validate that the person who held the NIE number when the property was acquired is the same than the holder of the DNI.

Therefore, the certificate of concordance is a document that provides legal certainty, avoiding confusion about the identity of foreign citizens who have acquired Spanish nationality, proving that the holder of a NIE and a DNI are the same person.

The certificate will be used by the interested party to change personal data in bank accounts, contracts, insurance, properties, etc. where to date his NIE number was recorded, his DNI number and also his name and surname could be incorporated in case these have changed.

To request the certificate of agreement, you must reserve an appointment at the Police. On the day of the appointment, you must bring the following documentation:

  • EX15 Application Form
  • Receipt of payment of fee 790, code 012.
  • The DNI (original and copy) in force.
  • Copy of the previous appointment

If you wish, we can manage the processing of the certificate of agreement by contacting us at the following link.