Our firm has specialized since its beggining in the different matters that make up international business law, providing specialized advice to individuals, entrepreneurs and companies, both local and foreign, so that they can face this complex area with the best guarantees. Our objective is to offer greater legal security to companies in their international activity.


Drafting, and negotiation of all kinds of international contracts:

• International distribution contracts

• Contratos de agencia e intermediación internacional

• International sales law and contracts

• Joint venture contracts

• Precontractual agreements: Letters of intent, MoUs, confidentiality agreements...

• International computer contracts: software, databases, consulting...

• Transacciones electrónicas internacionales: Asesoramiento legal en contratación electrónica internacional (b2b).

• Incoterms advice

Extrajudicial and judicial claims for breach of international contracts.

Legal advice in company incorporations in Spain

Representation of credits of foreign companies in insolvency proceedings in Spain.

Legal reports and enquiries on applicable law, international jurisdiction, lex mercatoria, international agreements, legal framework for investment, international distribution law, comparative law, EU law etc.

Mediation and extrajudicial conflict resolution. Claims and legal defense before any spanish court. Procedures for the recognition and enforcement of awards and foreign judgments in Spain (Exequatur). European Executive Titles. Arbitration proceedings.