Since 2009 our firm brings legal advice, both to individuals and companies, in the areas of immigration law, citizenship, business and corporate immigration law:


  • Temporary residence for family reunification
  • Temporary residence and work permits
  • Self-employment temporary residence and work permit.
  • EU Blue Card for highly qualified workers
  • Non-lucrative temporary residence permits
  • Stay or temporary residence with the exception of work permits
  • Exceptional circumstances: Residence or residence and work authorizations (social, family and work exceptional circumstances).
  • Long term residence permits
  • Applications for Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) and Certificates.
  • Renewals of residence and work authorizations, Family reunification, residence, stays, etc.

Processing of applications for Spanish nationality:

  • Applications for Spanish nationality by residence
  • Applications for Spanish nationality by option
  • Solicitudes de nacionalidad española por simple presunción
  • Appeals against denegations of nationality applications

Legal advice for obtaining visas:

  • Visa applications before Spanish consulates and embassies abroad.
  • Appeals for denegations of residence, work, studying and international mobility visas.

We assist foreign citizens in those sanctioning procedures that may be opened against them:

  • Assistance and defence regarding police detentions
  • Sanctioning procedures for expulsion, deportation or repatriation (brief of allegations ..)
  • Appeals against expulsion orders and detention orders

Presentación de solicitudes de protección internacional (Asilo, protección subsiadiraria).

Recurso contra denegaciones de asilo.

Interposición de recurso administrativos y contencioso-administrativos ante toda clase de resoluciones relacionadas con el derecho de extranjería, nacionalidad y protección internacional.