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Are the goals and objetives of international trade and competiton law complementary or in conflict?

Posted by on 13 febrero, 2014 in Aduanas y Comercio multilateral, Competencia | 0 comments

I. Introduction
Over the last decades, the liberalisation of international trade and foreign direct investment has opened the markets of many countries worldwide. Due to this, the flow of goods and services has notoriously increased across the borders, to an extent that the conduct of firms in its own market could affect foreign markets and consumers located thousands miles away . As Weber Waller notes, in this economic integration and interdependence scenario, the realities of companies’ behaviour have escape to any single state’s jurisdictional control to enforce its competition laws . Almost every state have a form of domestic competition laws specifically designed to control the domestic market behaviour. However, due to the current economic globalisation process, these policies are proving inadequate to regulate corporate behaviour beyond the nation-state borders . Therefore, although national authorities have the power and the tools to detect and restrain such anticompetitive behaviours, multinational firms are still able to evade such control due to the spread of their economic and corporate activities in many different countries . Indeed, many undertakings in today’s globalised economy are truly “multinational” having a presence worldwide .

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